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Spring Cleaning Specials

Hello Kansas City!  Jeff Ring here, owner of JT’s Carpet Cleaning and we have some exciting deep cleaning deals to pass on to you this month!  

Seems like winter lasted forever this year and many of our customers are a little behind getting their spring cleaning done.  

We’ve been out on a few jobs recently where the customers wanted their carpets and air ducts cleaned at the same time and it gave us some ideas.  

What could be better than getting your whole house cleaned in one trip?  

Windows cleaned too!  

How many times have you finished up your day’s housework and looked out at the beautiful day only to realize there are smudges on your glass patio door, or fingerprints on your mirrors?  

Here at JT’s, we’re a family run business and we know exactly how you feel.  

Some of the recent projects we worked on were years behind in their spring cleaning and the normal pre-spray and wash of certain other famous cleaners just couldn’t cut through the grime.  

Enter our Diamond Carpet Cleaning package to the rescue.  

Carpets that were heavily soiled with years of stains became revitalized and like new again.  

One homeowner was so pleased with their carpets they booked us to give their a/c ducts a cleaning to alleviate some of their allergy symptoms.  

Want proof your ducts could use a good cleaning before calling us out?  

Take a peak inside one of your air vents nearest the furnace, look at an old filter you’ve recently replaced, or better yet call us for a free no cost video inspection!  

Now consider you’ve been breathing in all the dust and debris too small for the filter to catch.  

Ready to call us now?  

Great, and we’ve got an awesome deal for you this month!  

For the month of May, book a deep cleaning package including air duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, and window washing on the same visit and we’ll cut 15% off your entire bill.  

We know you’re going to love how your home looks when we’re done, so we want to give you this deal, so you can show off how your home looks inside and out to all your friends and neighbors.  

This offer won’t last long Kansas City, so pick up the phone now and let us take one more item off your cleaning to do list today!

Stay tuned for our upcoming weekly blogs for more cleaning tips, tricks, and special deals you can only find here!


We have been serving Kansas City proudly since 1987.

Our dedicated technicians take the time to evaluate your carpets and use the appropriate methods, tools, and chemicals to treat your carpets during the carpet cleaning.  

We use a proven system that removes the soiling and residual chemicals that rental or home units just cannot remove.  

When we're done cleaning your carpets will be soft and look and feel refreshed.

Our carpet cleaning service also removes many odors that have settled in the carpets with stains and we are able to recover many with severe damage or staining.  

You can check out some examples of our work in our videos, or in our image gallery.  Check us out on FaceBook and YouTube!

Carpet Cleaning

Our signature carpet cleaning service includes pre-spotting, carpet agitation, rinsing, and extraction.  

In many cases, the carpets dry quickly thanks to our powerful suction motor that is able to remove most the moisture from your carpets at the time of cleaning.  

Normal carpets are usually dry to the touch within a few hours.  

We can also clean your couch or upholstery while we're there too.  

Did the kids spill a family favorite snack on the couch at movie time?  

No problem, we can help with that.  

We're more than a carpet cleaning company; we're your one-stop cleaning solution!

Service Area:  JT's Carpet Cleaning currently serves the Kansas City Metro area.  

If your location is beyond our 40 mile service radius from Kansas City, KS please call us to confirm availability before booking our services online.

Any additional rooms, stair cleaning, furniture cleaning, spot removal, or add-on services not booked online may be added to the job and paid for the day of service for customer convenience.  

Carpet Cleaning Packages
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We now offer a premium carpet cleaning package with the same great high quality service, with an attention to the extra details.  

Booking this service includes pre-spotting, agitation, spot removal, steaming, an extra rinse to remove any residue or leftover debris from the carpet, carpet grooming, and using powerful blowers to leave your carpets looking refreshed, revitalized, and nearly dry by the time we walk out your door.  

This process is shown in our video Diamond Carpet Cleaning Package.  

Owner Jeff Ring details the steps a technician will take in your home to give you high quality work you've come to expect from us, with an attention to the minor details and a quicker drying time.  

Due to each situation being different and the extra steps involved, pricing for this service is available on a per-bid basis.   

Furniture Cleaning

We also offer furniture cleaning.  

Available as an add on-service, or in packages.  

You may call us or book this service online through paypal.  Any additional services can be added and paid for at the time of the furniture cleaning.  

Check out our videos page or our YouTube channel to see one of our couch cleaning projects!  

You'll be glad you picked us to clean and revitalize your furniture.  

If you have kids, we have what you need to make those juice spills and cracker crumbs history!
Furniture Cleaning
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Spilled wine or Kool-Aid spots on the carpet have you feeling down?  

Don't wait around!  We can often remove or lessen the visual appearance of these stains with our 58 years combined experience and some of the cleaning equipment and chemicals in the industry.  

In some cases, we've been able to save carpets other companies claimed were stained beyond reclamation.  

Let us give it a try, we've been able to save several property managers from replacing carpets by performing one of our deep carpet cleaning packages.  

Have you been sneezing more lately?  

Feel like you have to dust your home every day?  

The culprit could be your air vents.  

Dust, allergens, and all sorts of clutter can end up in your home's air vents.  

The dust and allergens can lower your home's air quality and make it harder to breathe.

Have pets?  

That could be even worse.  

No matter how much you clean, their dander can stick around in your home's heating and air conditioning ducts causing you to suffer.  

Have no fear, JT's Carpet Cleaning is here.  

We offer free video inspections of your home's ductwork and we can clean out the clutter that has been left behind in them.  

We also show you the ducts after we've worked so you know you get your value's worth.  

Don't be fooled by bargain duct cleaners.  

Some of them don't even do the job.  

Just ask one of our recent customers.  

When we showed up to clean his ducts we found the last company never even took the vents off.  

No wonder he was still suffering from his home's air quality.  

They never did the job he paid them to do.

That's not us, we will do the job right and show you the results.

We do the job right the first time so you can breathe easy and enjoy your home again!

Air duct cleaning services can be booked separately or as an add-on to carpet cleaning services.

With our free video inspection before and after you won't have to wonder about the quality of our work.  

We will show you how dusty and dirty your vents are before we start, and the results we achieve when we are done.

Beware of bargain air duct cleaning companies, many don't even complete the service they charge you for and won't show you the results afterward.  

With JT's you will know every time we leave the cleaning job has been done completely and correctly!  

Need to guarantee the day we will be out to do the service?  Reserve your duct cleaning day through the website and we will call to set up an appointment.

Air Duct Packages
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Appointment Date

Booking online offers you exclusive discounts and guarantees your service the day you need us there.  

Additional services can be requested on site and we will still honor the online booking discount for the services requested.  

Due to the complexities of scheduling, a follow up phone call will confirm an exact appointment time during the preferred day of booking.

Kansas City property managers:  JT's Carpet Cleaning also offers move-in/move-out cleanings, post construction packages, and deep cleaning packages to include full house cleaning services through our partners.  For more information please call us, send an email, or fill out an online estimate form.

Did your water pipes burst?  

Too much rain has your basement flooded?  

While we can't control the weather, we can help you save your home and its carpets.  

We offer a variety of services related to flood water extraction.  

Do you need restoration work to remove damaged materials and extract water from carpets?  

We have you covered.  

Our advanced flood restoration package has us doing all the hard work of pulling up damaged flooring, removing it from the home or building, and drying out the home with de-humidifiers and carpet dryers after extraction.  

Just have a small emergency and need to rent some drying equipment?  

No problem, we can do that too.  

We even include free delivery and pickup.  

Check out our services page for more information.  

Do you dirty kitchen or bathroom tile?  

Aging floors that need a good scrub down?

A commercial kitchen that has become so greasy no amount of mopping can remove the slip hazard?  

Hard water buildup in the shower?  

You've come to the right place then.  

Our tile and grout cleaning service is a comprehensive cleaning package that can solve all of these problems.  

From a home with caked up limescale in the shower to a restaurant kitchen needing severe grease removal; we can do it all.

All you have to do is give us a  call for a free estimate!.

Tile Cleaning
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Is your driveway, garage, or commercial building discolored from weathering the elements?  

Do you need mold or mildew removal from your building walls?  

Just need a good scrub down to renew your clean image with customers?  

We can do that too.  

We offer residential and commercial power washing services and have the ability to do those extra tricky things like removing rust stains from a driveway or parking lot.  

Want to see us in action and how we can help you?  

Great, check our video page to see one of our recent commercial power washing jobs.

What deep cleaning would be complete without taking care of the cubicles?  

Just think of all the germs and coffee stains hanging out on those fabric covered workstations.  

When we clean cubicles, we not only remove stains and freshen them, we use the power of steam.  

This means your office also gets disinfected and reduces the germs floating around the office.  

Fewer germs, fewer people sick, fewer call-ins, and better productivity.  

Give us a call today, its a great time of year to get the office disinfected and head off those sick days before they start!  

Lastly, JT's Carpet Cleaning offers window cleaning services.  

We're able to give you a streak-free clean, a gleaming shine, every time.  

Our equipment won't leave a mineral residue behind like many cleaners do so window spots become a thing of the past when you book us to clean your windows.

Have a tall job no ladder can reach?  No problem, we've got you covered.  No job is too tall for us!

Have a unique cleaning job and need an estimate for it? No problem, just fill out our free online bid form or give Jeff a call at (913) 721-3515.

Want to hear from some of our actual customers?  

We have that covered too, just head on over to our testimonial page to see what some of our customers have to say about our service.  

JT's Carpet Cleaning of Kansas City fully backs the quality of our work and we go the extra mile other providers are in too big of a hurry to do.  

We care about our customer's satisfaction, we believe you can't rush quality work and we offer our technicians time to do their job properly whether carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning, or performing flood removal in your home.  

In many cases, we can clean a large home in a couple of hours and it will be dry before the end of the day.  

In some cases, drying time may be longer due to heavy soiling, but we have great equipment to help speed drying times so you can enjoy your home again sooner!

We are Kansas City's carpet cleaning choice since 1987.  

Let us show you how we can help make your house feel like a home again with one of our signature cleaning services today!  

We're more than just a carpet cleaning company.  

Let our cleaning technicians' 58 years of experience work for you!  

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