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Ice Blast Cleaning

JT's Carpet Cleaning now offers blast cleaning services with the Cold Jet system!  

Need some heavy equipment tar removal?  

No problem, we can blast it away quickly with the amazing power of dry ice.  

This system of cleaning produces no secondary waste stream and is free of moisture.  

Not only can we remove heavy tar build up, we can also remove smoke damage from many delicate items.  

Since no water is used in the process, we can even clean items as sensitive as books or delicate robotic systems.  

Have a welder full of built up slag but can't afford to have excessive down time with order deadlines looming?  

Not a problem, our blast cleaning services are quick and efficient.  

We can get your machines cleaned up and back to making production numbers in no time with less cool down/warm up time than traditional cleaning methods.  

Ice Blasting Applications

Smoke Damage Removal

Outdoor Environmental Buildup Removal

Metal Corrosion Removal

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