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JT's Carpet Cleaning

3-Room Carpet Cleaning $120! Book yours today!

3 Rooms Carpet Cleaned $120! Book yours today!
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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service: Before & After

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Why Call JT's Carpet Cleaning?

Regular cleanings help keep your carpet's warranty in place!

Did you know most carpet manufacturers actually require a yearly cleaning by hot water extraction by carpet cleaning professionals or your warranty will be voided?  

JT's carpet cleaning services satisfy the carpet manufacturer's requirement to maintain the warranty!

Regular steam cleaning prolongs the life of your carpets!

Did you know ground in dirt, stains, chemical residues, and pet hair can actually degrade your carpet and shorten its lifespan?

Professional Carpet Cleaners in KC:  Experience Counts!

Having your carpets professionally steam cleaned by a cleaning service like JT's Carpet Cleaning can remove the embedded debris from your carpets to reduce wear and tear and revitalize your carpet fibers.  

Our carpet steam cleaning is performed by professional carpet cleaners with over 58 years of experience in carpet cleaning.

When you call us, our trained technicians get to work evaluating the spills and soiling of your carpet to pick the best solutions and tools to clean and revitalize your home's carpets.

JT's Carpet Cleaning can remove wine or kool-aid stains from carpet

We can get out a wide range of spills from Kool-Aid stains, to coffee stains, to rust stains.  

Some of these spills, like Kool-Aid can actually become worse by the do it yourself homeowner trying to remove them.  

In many cases the area around the stain becomes bleached, the stain becomes set, and even the best chemicals can't remove it.  

Our trained technicians have the resources to remove many of these stains the first time if called and allowed to do the job properly.  

Did you know rust stains can be removed from carpet but furniture varnish cannot?  

Our technicians do, and they know just how to get rid of that eyesore in your living room from the last homeowner's cat that felt behind the tv was his personal restroom.

Spring cleaning should include a good carpet cleaning!

Whether you need the whole house cleaned to kick start your spring cleaning, or just a living room steamed from pizza rolls your accident prone teenagers spilled while watching football, JT's has the solution for you.  

Read on for carpet care tips between carpet cleanings from JT's.  

Carpet Cleaning Rates

Carpet Cleaning Rates: Flat Rate Pricing

The price for carpet cleaning varies by how dirty the area to be cleaned is, what type of stains are in it, and any additonal services requested.  

We do offer flat-rate cleaning and stick by our estimates without the hidden fees many other carpet cleaning companies use to sell you their services at a higher than expected price.  

On average a 4-room carpet cleaning package runs about $140 for a basic cleaning that includes pre-spotting, cleaning, deodorizing, and steaming.  

Does your home's carpet need a true deep cleaning?

Diamond Carpet Cleaning Package

Our Diamond Carpet Cleaning package is a premium service that includes a few extras like faster dry time, more agitation and stain removal.

Call today for pricing or details on this service!    

Furniture Cleaning

Chairs $38-$58
Love seat $44-$66
Couch $72-$88
Sectionals $110-$165

Scotch Guarding

is available for an extra fee for carpet or furniture cleaned.

How can I clean up carpet spills myself?

The following tips are Jeff's advice for the best results for at home cleaning between professional cleanings when small spills arise and need to be cleaned up.

1.  Muddy Carpet Stains

For these unfortunate stains whether by careless husbands or carefree pets, let the mud dry in place to avoid smearing and spreading the stain into clean portions of the carpet.  

In many cases once the mud dries a quick brushing of the carpet to break up the dried mud and a thorough vacuuming can remove the mud from your home's carpets.  

2.  Small Spills on Carpet

You can buy a small extractor machine for around $100 from many common super center stores that will allow you to rinse and extract stains and cleaning solution from your homes carpet on a small scale.  

These machines would take days to clean your entire home's carpet, but work well for small spill pickups.  

JT's recommends a machine like the Bissell SpotBot.  

You will also need a carpet cleaning solution, make sure to read and follow the directions thoroughly.  

For best results, mix the cleaning solution separate from the machine, pre-spray the stain, and use the machine for extraction with hot tap water only.  

This reduces any cleaning solution residue in the carpets and helps them maintain their cleanliness for a longer period of time.  

For liquid spills, use an absorbent white towel or paper towels (like Bounty) to absorb as much of the spill as possible.  

Avoid colored towels as the dyes in the fabric may wick into the carpet, making the stain worse.  

Once the machine has rinsed the carpet of the cleaning solution and any remaining traces of the spill, pat lightly with a white towel to wick excess moisture into the towel, leave towel on the stain with enough weight to force any remainig liquid to wick into the towel.

This reduces the chance of colored stains wicking back into the carpet fibers as the towel provides an outlet to remove and trap the stain.  

3. Pet Stains on Carpet

Follow the directions above, but use a deodorizer like OdoBan full strength for cleaning urine spills, or diluted with water as a deodorizer for your carpets.  

A gallon of OdoBan will set you back around $10/gallon at a club warehouse like Sam's Club.

Can't I just rent a carpet cleaning machine at the store instead of calling you?

Yes, you could but the results won't be as good.  

Our high powered hot water extraction equipment has several times more suction and heat than the leading carpet cleaning rental units.  

We can also adjust the temperature to correctly clean different types of carpet and fabrics and use a soft water system to eliminate mineral deposits left behind in the carpets.  

We have a variety of stain removal cleaning solutions and the experience and education on when to use them on your carpets and how to do so properly.  

When using a rental machine your carpets will take longer to dry, will leave more water and cleaning solution behind (the cleaning solution actually attracts more dirt!), and you are also bringing all kinds of yuckiness into your home from the last person that used the machine.  

What if they were cleaning up after the flu or some other nasty mess?  

You've just introduced those germs into your home now.  

While JT's machines service many homes, the design and high temperatures used mean the machines virtually clean themselves with every use and our expert technicians take care to clean up the equipment after dirty jobs to avoid bringing it into your home on the next job.  

We also offer high powered drying equipment in our Diamond Carpet Cleaning package that quickly dries your carpets, sometimes by the time we leave your home.  This is something you will not be able to achieve with a rental cleaning machine.

Leaving your carpets wet for a long period of time can allow mold spores to grow and can aggravate allergies or asthma.  

Our carpet cleaning methods reduce the allergens and dry quick enough to reduce any chance of mold growth.  

When combined with our Air Duct Cleaning service, many of our customers report relief from their allergies as the carpets are free of pet dander and the vents have dust and allergens are removed improving the home's air quality.

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