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Commercial Dry Ice Blast Cleaning | Kansas City


Dry Ice Blast Cleaning
Is your business faced with unique cleaning challenges for delicate electronics or removal of cosmetic smoke damage?  

Dry ice blast cleaning may be the service for you!  

This unique service harnesses the power of dry ice to blast away dirt, grime, and buildup to leave behind clean and in most cases nearly new looking surfaces.  

This service has applications in factory settings where delicate robotic equipment must be cleaned without water.  

It can also be used for removing smoke stains from concrete and other surfaces to clean up cosmetic fire damage.  

This type of cleaning avoids the secondary waste cleanup traditional wet based cleaning methods utilize because the dry ice simply turns straight from a solid to gas and blast away debris as it does so.  

The extreme temperature difference and friction provided by the solid material "shocks" the residue on surfaces to separate away leaving behind clean and refreshed surfaces.  

This surface can be as gentle as to simply erase the ink from a business card leaving the material behind virtually untouched, up to strong enough to remove tar from heavy equipment surfaces like paving equipment.  

We've taken the time to list a few applications below for this service and some before and after pictures from real projects our company has performed with this service.  
Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Applications
Please check out some featured applications below to learn how dry ice blast cleaning can help with your cleaning project needs.
Aviation & Aero Space Production Cleaning
Dry ice blast cleaning allows for a cleaning process that creates no secondary waste stream to contaminate machinery or product.  

It also holds the benefit of allowing many delicate pieces of precision machinery to be cleaned in place without disassembly lowering the amount of down time required to perform necessary prevenetive maintenance cleaning of production equipment.  

This cleaning method is also non-conductive and is chemical free so machine and factory down time is kept to a minimum.  

Cleaning of surfaces for inspection or painting is another advantage for this method because the agressiveness of friction can be controlled to minimize damage to cleaned surfaces.  

Traditional blast media like sand can leave behind minor damage is greatly reduced by dry ice blast cleaning because the dry ice simply sublimates on contact blasting away the dirt and grime to remove debris without damaging the original surface.
Robotic Welder Cleaning
Similar to the application above, dry ice blast media can be used to clean robotic and automated equipment like assembly line welding machines.  

Due to its non-conductive properties this method can safely clean precision electronic machinery without risk of shorting out delicate electrical systems like water would.  

The dry time is practically non-existant and disassembly needs are greatly reduced leading to lowered down time and increased productivity.
Printing, Secondary, and Automatic Press Cleaning

Printing presses can build up unhealthy amounts of gunk over time be it from machine oil, ink, even minor debris left behind from punched and formed material over time.  

The dies used in these processes often require healthy amounts of oil to avoid misformed or misprinted products, but all that oil over time can congeal into unsafe levels of buildup that creates havoc on product quality and leads to higher downtime from more frequent repairs or needs to stop and unjam product from the press.

Blast cleaning with dry ice holds an advantage in it can safely clean these surfaces without water so it won't in itself cause rusting of precision metal dies, and it won't leave behind chemicals to contaminate runs of products.  

Disassembly of the equipment can be reduced using this cleaning method allowing better production because of efficiently operating machines while reducing repair expenses from failed equipment.  

Your tool and die teams will also appreciate the ability to locate and fix problems easier on equipment without years of buildup making it difficult to inspect which parts are actually broken before removal to fix them.
Heavy Equipment Cleaning
By its very nature, heavy equipment can create an onerous process of cleaning.  

Heavy equipment often calls for extensive use of hydraulic oils, lubricants, and accumulates massive amounts of dirt and mud buildup over time in the course of its work.  

While most heavy equipment is made to handle getting dirty on its exterior, it can make maintenance difficult and even lead to costly repairs when allowed to get too heavily covered in debris.  

Dry ice blast cleaning helps mitigate this problem by allowing surface cleaning of equipment to make repairs or maintenance easier, or to simply make the equipment look better for corporate inspections, sales, and shows.  

Identifying needed equipment repairs also becomes easier for maintenance workers looking at the cleaned surfaces.  

Thanks to its lack of chemicals and secondary waste cleanup, this process is quick and leads to low downtime, only taking up enough time to actually clean the equipment surfaces with no drying time necessary.
Tar Removal
Let's face it, tar can be a challenge to remove from anything.  

One advantage of dry ice blast cleaning is it shocks the bonded material away from surfaces to remove it without being too aggressive on the underlying surfaces.  

If you've ever tried cleaning road tar from your car, or roofing tar from your shoes you know how challenging this can be.  

In many cases it can feel hopeless to remove it without damaging the underlying surfaces.  

In the case of dry ice though, it can "shock" away the tar from the original surface and leaves nothing behind but the tar material it has blasted from the surface.  

An added benefit of using dry ice is the extreme cold can make cleaning up that tar material easier as it is less likely to stick to other surfaces during its removal.
Ice Buildup Removal from Freezer Floors

This is by far one of the best uses for dry ice blast cleaning in regards to safety.  

While many newer warehouses or food processing facilities may have heated floors for freezer rooms, this is expensive and not all older facilities have the budget to implement it.  

In these places over time moisture from outside air can combine with extreme cold temperatures and materials brought inside to create a layer of slick and dangerous ice on the floor.  

Cleaning this with traditional methods would require a complete shutdown of the freezer and simply power washing or using other tedious cleanup processes that require planning of a scale that is a logistical nightmare.  

Dry ice blast cleaning removes some of these problems because the cleaning media can't re-freeze on the floor like water.  

While food products may need to be moved away from the area to be cleaned, cleaning can be accomplished without shutting down the entire cooling system allowing for less downtime and allowing for zonal cleaning.  

This means instead of moving the contents of an entire freezer, workers may only need to temporarily move contents of select shelves while the cleaning process is performed.  

JT's Carpet Cleaning is equipped with powerful vacuum equipment which allows them to quickly remove ice debris left behind by the blast cleaning process.  

This means less cleanup for your employees, lower downtime, and safer work areas which lower insurance claims and reduce rising premiums.  

A business could also use this process to supplement regular cleaning and inspections of the work area.
Graffiti Removal
Removal of graffiti is an excellent application for the use of dry ice blast cleaning.  

The paint is removed leaving no significant damage to the underlying surface and nearly any type of paint can be removed in this manner.  

While power washing may remove some paint from surfaces, it can be a difficult process and require harsh chemicals.  

This service reduces the need for chemicals and lowers secondary cleanup work while providing a nearly new looking surfaces upon completion.  

We've expanded on this service with a separate graffiti removal services page and encourage you to check it out to see if this service fits your graffiti removal needs.
Surface Cleaning for Paint Preparation

There is nothing worse than prepping a paint surface only to find out you now have to clean up your blast media (often sand) before you can start painting if you want to give a high quality paint job to the object in question.  

We all know sand can be a nightmare to cleanup, and even other blast media like soda blasting media can create cleanup challenges itself despite some of the benefits they offer.  

Wouldn't it be great if we could get the same surface cleaning results but without the messy cleanup?  Well that is possible with the power of dry ice blast cleaning.  

The blasting media skips the liquid state of being so it goes from a solid that collides with paint or other debris and causes it to "shock" away from the surface material, but leaves no secondary cleanup like traditional blast media.  

While this method is certain a bit more expensive than sand blasting, it can be a very useful and powerful tool.  

Using this method reduces the needed cleanup time before painting and allows you or your employees to focus in on the painting task at hand so you can offer high quality work and regain production time lost with traditonal blast cleaning methods.  
Cleaning of Power Generation Equipment
Does your business having power generation equipment in desparate need of cleaning?  

Dry ice blast cleaning is a preferred method for cleaning delicate power generation equipment because it is a non-conductive cleaning method.  

This means you won't have to worry about the cleaning material shorting out delicate circuitry and downtime can be kept to a minimum as there is no hours of drying time required after cleaning like many traditional cleaning methods would require.  

This method also allows for less disassembly needs saving your company time and money and getting your equipment back online faster to serve your business or customers.  
Cleaning of Delicate Electronic Equipment
Does your business have delicate electronics that need cleaned but you aren't sure how to safely clean them?  

In many cases there are no good, safe ways to clean electronic equipment with traditional methods as many require some form of liquid to work well.  

The advantage of dry ice blast cleaning though, is it is a non-conductive method and can be set to clean as gently as needed, or as aggressive as needed for the project.  

This means it is custom tailored to the cleaning needs of your business and you can keep up the maintenance on your equipment without the expensive repairs or long down times other methods may require.
Cleaning of Conveyor Systems
If you're reading this far into the article, chances are you've struggled at some point with broken conveyors or similar equipment before.  

In many cases conveyors fail due to lack of proper lubrication, improper maintenance, worn out parts, or debris that can cause a combination of two or more of the things mentioned before.  

Many conveyor systems face constant use in a factory or warehouse setting and don't allow much time for cleanup or maintenance.  

This can lead to a lack of lubrication, a buildup of debris, worn out parts, and eventual failure.  

Traditional methods of cleaning may require diassembling the conveyor (in some cases this could take days,) and then cleaning it piece by piece and letting it dry or removing blast media like sand before re-assembly.  

This leads to increased down time and lost production and leaves many managers unwilling to perform the maintenance any more than they absolutely have to which leads to more frequent repairs or replacement costs.  

Dry ice blast cleaning though, can often remove unwanted debris with low amounts of dis-assembly and no drying and less re-assembly time.  

This means your line has reduced downtime, increased productivity, and increases your business's bottom line.

The old saying "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." certainly rings true in this service.
Cosmetic Smoke Damage Cleanup
Are you facing cosmetic smoke damge to a building foundation, or even some of the lumber?  

While smoke and fire can cause structural damage to some building materials, in some cases only minor cosmetic smoke damage is readily apparent and the surface material simply needs a good cleaning.  

For obvious reasons, using water to clean up this damage on often untreated inside lumber materials is a bad idea, but dry ice blast cleaning can be used safely to remove these cosmetic blemishes.  

Dry ice skips the liquid phase so there is less concern about causing rotting, mold, or swelling of the lumber in question.  

This is also a great way to cleanup foundations without introducing large volumes of moisture to a building where undamaged areas may be harmed by the cleanup of the damaged area.
Food and Beverage System Cleanup
Food and beverage production lines can be among some of the busiest and most essential places to work across the United States.  

In many cases these production lines move along non-stop night and day to take items from fields or processing plants into trucks to be delivered at your local grocery store or door.  

However, to keep these food and beverage products safe periodic maintenance cleaning is necessary to maintain food safety and quality standards.  

In many lines traditional methods like washing down with water can create acceptable results, but this can damage delicate electronics, wreck metal surfaces in encouraging rusting, and even increase contamination in some settings because of where the waste water ends up.  

Dry ice blast cleaning helps to mitigate some of these risks, and JT's Carpet Cleaning is uniquely positioned to mitigate contamination concerns in this industry.  

Our company can perform the dry ice blast cleaning of equipment that allows for shorter down times and less secondary waste cleanups.  

We can also; however, deep clean and sanitize the work areas affected by any debris removed by the blast cleaning process.  

Hot water extraction is at the core of our business and because of this we have hot water of up to 250 degrees on demand for any cleaning job and the ability to use that hot water or even steam to cleanup and sanitize the work area.  

In addition to this ability, we can also extract any dirty wash water that results from the process, further removing potential avenues for contamination.  

With the ability of dry ice blast cleaning to also remove ice from freezer floors, we can potentially solve many issues for your business with just one visit.  

Call or request a free quote today to see how our company can help yours handle a deep cleaning project and save you money both now, and over the long-term.
Removal of Heavy Oil, Carbon, or Paraffin from Surfaces
Are you in the oil or gas industry and have heavy equipment in need of heavy cleaning?  

Are you frustrated with traditional cleaning methods that come with massive amounts of down time and interrupt production at critical times when you can't afford to be down for extended periods?  

Then dry ice blast cleaning may be the service for you!  

This blast cleaning media is fully capable of removing carbon, paraffin, and even heavy oil from surfaces and equipment.  

There is no secondary waste stream and no chemicals so there is no extra risk of contamination and the equipment can be set to be as aggressive or gentle as needed based on the needs of the cleaning project and surfaces involved.
Historical Restoration Cleaning

Dry ice blast cleaning is perfect media for historical restoration processes.  

The ability to customize pressures and blast cleaning media to each specific job means even delicate antiques or books can be carefully cleaned with minimal or no damage during the process.  

Old books can have their covers restored to like new condition with the gentle scrubbing power of tiny dry ice pellets and low blasting pressures to gently wipe away years of caked on dust or buildup while avoiding significant damage to the material underneath.  

Antiques that can't be cleaned with water, even historical buildings can be restored with dry ice blast cleaning techniques.  

This can be especially helpful in cleaning historical buildings where one wishes to remove the years of debris and residue from surfaces without damaging underlying things with historical value like the original wood treatments or in some cases painted surfaces.
Foundry Cleaning
Does your foundry equipment look like it's seen better days?  

Are you facing problems due to months or years of buildup but aren't quite sure how to remove the residue?  

Dry ice blast cleaning may be the answer!  

This unique cleaning method harnesses the power of mother nature and extreme temperatures to blast away debris with no secondary waste stream and can remove most stubborn residues from many differenct surfaces.  

This is perfect for getting equipment cleaned and maintained during annual shutdowns to ensure it is able to function correctly during your busiest seasons.  

Call or click today to learn more about how our team can help with your equipment cleaning needs.
Plastics and Packaging Mold Cleaning
Dry ice blast cleaning offers major advantages when cleaning up molds, particularly for plastics and packaging.  

The gentle non-abrasive material allows for proper cleaning of molds without distorting them so the intended product produced isn't altered from before the cleaning.  

There is no secondary waste to clean up so molds are ready to use quickly after the cleaning process.  

This method can also get into many tiny nooks and crevices and leaves nothing extra behind so it can help clean out channels and grooves that are critical to the details of some products.  

The method is non-conductive also so it won't short out nearby electrical equipment or sensors during the cleaning process.  

This method is also safe to use around food contact surfaces as it does not use chemicals and the surfaces can easily be disinfected for food safe use afterward.
Cleaning of Glue Applicators

This method is ideally suited for the cleanup of glue applicators.  

We all know glue can be a sticky nightmare to clean up, even with strong traditional methods like soap and water.  

In some cases, glue rollers are coated with special lubricants to help avoid the glue sticking too strongly to the applicator.  

While this makes production stops less common, it can create problems when cleaning is needed.  

Some methods of cleaning can remove a "non-stick" ability of application equipment relying on embedded lubricants in rollers and other pieces.  

This means they no longer work as well as intended and can lead to increased jamming of equipment even after cleaning.  

An advantage of dry ice blast cleaning is that it cleans the surface, but does not soak into the material being cleaned.  

This means embedded lubricants are only removed from the immediate surface while cleaning and should be able to work as intended when production is resumed.  

This saves you time and money, but also allows for proper cleaning of machinery for extended equipment life and lowered repair costs.

Automotive Applications
In the automotive industry key industry standards like 5S, Six Sigma, and TPM require clean, organized, and process driven workplace strategies to increase efficiency and bottom line.  

This means items need to stay in specific places, standard maintenance schedules need to be adopted, and routines need to be in place and effective to ensure steady production flows.  

Dry ice blast cleaning helps aid these systems by speeding up and simplifying routine maintenance cleanings and reducing the workdload of manual disassembly cleanings.  

Well organized and cleaned work areas and equipment obtained by the dry ice blast cleaning process can help you carve out production gains through decreased down time to meet organizational goals.  

Call or request a free quote today to see how your organization can benefit from JT's Carpet Cleaning's dry ice blast cleaning service.  
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