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Commercial Window Washing | Kansas City


Commercial Window Washing
Our soft water system, telescoping wands, and unique pure water fed pole system means we can quickly and easily wash your windows from the ground without harmful chemicals found in most window cleaners.  

We utilize the power of pure water to break away buildup from windows and leave them streak free.  

Other window cleaners and products might leave behind residues that can seem impossible to clean up.  

Our unique setup means your windows get cleaned, the environment avoids damaging runoff, and everyone stays safe as we can go up to three stories high without the use of ladders.  

We can even send up a drone in most areas to show you the results of our work in areas difficult to see from inside or the ground.  

This is perfect for commercial buildings with 2nd and 3rd story display windows that are difficult to clean and hard to physically get to.  

Give us a call today or check out our blog and YouTube channel to learn more about how we tackle commercial window cleaning jobs.  

Don't forget we offer free estimates and maintenance reminders are available to maintain your building's cleaning needs!

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