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Commercial Power Washing | Kansas City


Commercial Pressure Washing Service
JT's Carpet Cleaning is your go to provider for commercial pressure washing services.  

Our company can perform a wide variety of pressure washing services on a variety of work surfaces to get your business's cleanup project underway.
Flatwork Pressure Washing
Your flat surfaces can get stained in a vast number of ways, we've included here some of the more common applications for power washing on flat surfaces.
Grease and Foot-Traffic Soiling

Your customers and employees create all kinds of buildup on flat surfaces over time.  

We have the power to use cold water for the ordinary soils, but also hot water and surface cleaners to help remove the more stubborn stains on your flat surfaces.
Candy, Gum, & Soda Stains

Are you wondering what caused all those dark black spots on your sidewalks and parking lot?  

Often times it is as simple as gum, soda, or candy stains.  

Not only are these unsightly, but they can attract unwanted pests near your business.  

Fortunately these can be easily removed by a service like JT's Carpet Cleaning with a variety of commercial pressure washing methods.
Discoloration, Soot, and Mold Removal
Have you been struggling with how to remove soot stains, clean up discolored sections of your pavement, or even how to remove mold from your flat surfaces?  

Our power washing equipment and solutions harness the power of water up to 250 degrees and high pressure scrubbing to eliminate all but the toughest of embedded stains from surfaces.  

For those few stains our pressure washing isn't able to remove, we also offer dry ice blast cleaning which can remove nearly any stain from the surface.  

We also offer wet sand blasting surfaces which can prove highly effective against stubborn stains.
Rust Stain Removal from Surfaces

Has a dumpster or scrap bin been leaking out onto your parking lot or driveway and creating unsightly rust stains?  

Have you tried typical power washing solutions only to become frustrated by the poor results at removing the stains?  

Lucky for you, you're reading this page because we have the solutions.  

Rust stains by their very nature can be challenging to remove.  

Fortunately, there are practical solutions out there to help break down the rust stains and scrub away the stains they leave behind.  

Our powerful equipment and ability to use high temperature water lets us melt away the stains leaving your surfaces looking clean and renewed.

Vertical Work Pressure Washing
One of the more frequent calls our company gets is for cleanup projects on vertical surfaces such as walls or the exterior sides of buildings.  

Over time the elements can leave behind lasting stains and in some areas air pollution like that created by smoke stacks can leave staining particles behind on building walls.  

That's where we come in to offer unique cleaning solutions other pressure washing companies don't have the equipment to provide.  

Cleaning these vertical solutions often requires specialized equipment to perform the job correctly.  

We use a combination of the following equipment to handle most nearly any vertical pressure washing job that comes in to us.

  • Cherry Picker Lift
  • Rotating, varying degree nozzles
  • Angle Extended Nozzles (these help get those challenging ledges and nooks cleaned
  • Telescoping wands
  • Rotary, zero degree tips

The ultimate result is you only need to make one phone call, to us, to get these jobs in place and your surfaces clean.  

We take care of getting the equipment needed in place, and getting your vertical surfaces scrubbed clean.  

This way you can focus on your business and taking care of your customers while we do all the heavy lifting and logistical planning for large scale projects.

Indoor Venue Pressure Washing with Extraction

Yes, we know it's kind of a long title but this service deserves the extra screen space.  

One of the unique services JT's Carpet Cleaning has is the ability to extract dirty wash water to remove it from your surfaces and avoid secondary staining from where dirty water dries on cleaned surfaces.  

This is the pitfall of traditional pressure washing services as they can only push the dirty water around and many aren't able to actually remove it.  

An added benefit of this service is we can power wash large indoor venues and leave behind minimal moisture and avoid unsightly stains from dirty wash water that dried before it could be removed.  

Your floors will also dry quicker with this process and the smaller amount of humidity left in the building can be helpful in preventing mold in the building areas with less adequate ventilation.  

We've used this process with highly effective results in fairground indoor spaces and were able to have the foot traffic, candy, grease, and unknown trash dragging stains removed.  

We even show you a bit about this process in one of our videos below, so you know what to expect when you call us out for similar jobs.  

While this video depicts are rather large job, we can also do bigger and smaller projects to fit the needs of your business.  

Wet Sandblasting
Sometimes we all have to face it, traditional power washing just isn't strong enough to remove some of the soiling from surfaces.  

While dry ice blast cleaning is one alternative, it can be pricey and is sometimes overkill for the job at hand.  

Introducing wet sand blasting, a cheaper alternative good for general cleanups of stubborn surface stains.  

We utilize the powerful wash equipment we have along with the power of sand in the form of blast cleaning media to scrub away surface stains and leave the area looking like new.
Heavy Equipment Pressure Washing
While most people think of cleaning decks, patios, driveways, parking lots, and patios when they think of pressure washing services, it can also be effective for cleaning up heavy equipment.  

Our ability to control the angles, pressure, and temperature of the water means we can blast away much of the residue that typically sticks to heavy eqiupment.

Removing this residue not only makes the equipment look better for shows or inspections, but can also make maintenance easier and avoid.  
Window Washing
We'll be brief on this one as our window washing page covers this in greater detail, but we can also harness the power of pure and pressurized water with telescoping wands to leave your windows sparkling clean.

For more information call or request a quote today, or check out our window washing service page.
Gutter Cleaning
Similarly to window washing, we have a separate page dedicated to this service.  

In short, we're able to use telscopic wands to clean out gutters without the need for traditional cleaning methods.  

Ladders are a thing of the past for buildings up to 3 stories high, and we can even inspect the roof and gutters in most areas with our licensed drone pilot so you know exactly what you're getting into and we can develop a practical cleanup solution to best fit your needs.  

For more information check out our page on gutter cleaning, call, or request a free quote for more information!

Commercial Venue Power Washing
Need something a little bigger than a sidewalk or driveway cleaned up?  No worries, we've got you covered.  Check out the pictures below to see how a recent project cleaning some park shelter houses turned out.  We were pretty happy with the results we were able to get.  The shelter looks great now and is ready for families to enjoy the park!  Don't forget we can extract the water too, so indoor venues are no problem for us to clean up!  Whether it's a basement, conference room, parking garage, or ball room we've got the perfect solution to make it sparkling clean!  We take pride in quality work and we're always up for those unique jobs our competitors turn down.  Don't forget we do boat washing too!  
Shelter House Before Power Washing
Shelter House During Power Washing
Shelter House After Power Washing
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