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Frequently Asked Questions
Carpet Cleaning
Q:  What do I do to get ready for this service?
A:  Pick up small items on floor, such as decorations, kids toys, animal toys or potted plants.

Q:  Do you have a minimum to come out for a carpet cleaning?
A:  Yes, our minimum ranges from $100 to $125 depending on distance/ locations of home?

Q:  What is your cleaning process called?
A:  Several names apply,
    • Hot water extraction
    • truckmantes steam cleaning
    • Steam Cleaning  

Q:  Does your company have liability and work comp insurance?
A:  Yes and Yes

Q:  How long have you been cleaning?
A:  35 years

Q:  Do you guarantee all work?
A:  Yes, just call and you will talk to me personally and I personally return all calls.

Q:  What is the aveage dry time?
A:  To give your scenario a correct response it would require serveal questions and answers, so your best bet is to just call me.   
Furniture Cleaning
Q:  What method do you use for upholstery cleaning?
A:  Hot water extraction with a truck mounted machine.
Different pre-sprays are used depending on fabric type, level of soiling.  A fine fabric pre-spray is normally used in addition to a deodorizing agent.

Q:  What is a basic cost to clean upholstery/furniture?
A:  Below we've listed a range of costs by furniture type.  The best way to get a closer estimate is to give us a quick phone call at (913) 721-3515.  In most cases we can give you an almost exact quote based on a phone conversation or a picture of the item to be cleaned.
Cost Ranges by Type
  • Couches $75-$100
  • Love Seats $60-$80
  • Average Sectionals $150-$180
  • Large Sectionals $200-$250
  • Dining Room Chairs $25-$40
  • Living Room Chairs $35-$50
  • Recliners $50-$75

Air Duct Cleaning
Q:  How do I know if my hvac system (vents and return) need to be cleaned?
A:  The best way is to call JT's and ask for a free camera inspection, which the owner of JT's will complete but if the outside covers of your walls and floor vents have a heavy build up of dust, or dirt they probably need cleaned.

Q:  How does your company charge for the service?
A:  our minimum as of 2023 is $350.00, which will cover up to a 1200 sq ft home, we charge by sq fe of home, age of house and location. Just call and we can get you a upfront cost over the phone.

Q:  What do i need to do to get ready for this service?
A:  Just move breakable items, pictures or paintings hanging on the walls before i arrive.

Q:  What method do you use to clean out?
A:  The hvac system basically suctions and reverse air flow, all equpment is van mantes.

Ceramic Tile Cleaning
Q:  What process do you use to clean ceramic tile & grout?
  1. Hot water extraction by use of various attachments connected to our hot water and suction system or our vapor steaming system.
  2. Horizontal and vertical tiles require slightly different cleaning solutions and attachments to clean properly so floor tiles generally get pre-spray, agitation, and extraction and rinsing.  Wall tiles may require extra steps or different cleaning solutions to get the best cleaning and extraction to leave them clean.
  3. The agitation stage may differ for floor and wall tiles due to gravity and accessibilty of the tile with our machines.  The last step after extraction and rinsing is to dry.  We have high velocity blowers to help speed the drying process along.  We also offer drying equipment rental if you need a large area dried quickly, or need to speed up the process more than the standard drying time.
  4. For back splashes like those found in the kitchen, we may use vapor cleaning (superheated steam) to minimize water usage and lower risks of damaging delicate wall coverings.

Q:  How do you charge for this service?
A:  We typically charge by the square foot.  For a more exact estimate, you can text a picture of the tile to be cleaned to us or contact us for a free in person estimate.

Dryer Vent Cleaning
Q:  What is your price for this service?
A:  If dryer vent cleaning is the only service, we charge a minimum of $110 with the typical bill in this situation falling between $110 and $150.  These lower end prices reflect a situation where we can easily access the dryer vent from the outside of the home (ground floor level).  In situations where we must move large objects or cannot access the dryer vent from outside (i.e. 3rd story laundry room, etc.) our price may come closer to $150 to reflect the extra labor required.  It is worth keeping in mind, we offer this service for free with any whole home air duct cleaning.  

Q:  How often should I get the dryer vent cleaned?
A:  This service is recommended at least once a year, and more frequently for high volumes of laundry in the household.  

House Washing/Soft Washing
Q:  What is soft washing of houses?
A:  Using low pressure waster & application of chemical cleaning solutions and low pressure rinse.  This method puts the least strain on delicate vinyl siding but also requires some prep work like protection of plants, and moving certain objects as needed.  

Q:  What is the difference between soft washing & house washing?  
A:  Basically house washing is just using lower pressure water and chemicals to clean rather than relying on high pressures that may lead to building damage.  

Q:  How much does house soft washing cost?  
A:  While every job has unique needs and costs can vary, the average house washing job we get called to generally runs between $250 and $500 depending on size.

Q:  What is considered flat work power washing?
A:  Driveways, parking lots, outdoor patios, side walks are all examples of flat work power washing.

Pressure Washing

Q:  What is the difference between hot and cold power washing?
A:  They are the same except on jobs requiring hot pressurized water, a diesel burner heats the pressurized water up to 230 degrees to melt away greasy messes or stuck on grime that cold water simply cannot tackle.

Q:  Does your company offer any kind of indoor power washing or water extraction services for residential properties.
A:  Yes, we do!  Our company is unique in fact, that we can extract the dirty wash water when performing an indoor cleaning service.  Anyone can spray water on dirty surfaces, but we can extract the messy puddles to avoid re-staining!  Indoor event spaces especially enjoy this service because the space can be cleaned and turned around quickly with less downtime than traditional pressure washing.

Q:  When does your company recommend heated/high pressure power washing
A:  Any flatwork (concrete, outdoor brick or tile.  We have also found this useful for garage floors and concrete basements which we also extract excess water from so dry time will be quicker and your family can get back to what really matters.

Q:  Does your company use any chemicals during washing my house's exterior walls?
A:  Yes, in most cases we use a mild surfactant and 12% pool bleach just strong enough to get the job done.  To protect your home's vegetation we also water it down before, during, and after the cleaning and give everything a good final rinse to ensure chemicals won't linger and damage your home or vegetation.  

Q:  Does your company use any chemicals when heated power washing my sidewalks, patio, or driveway?  
A:  Only when we need to!  We first attempt to sweep up and remove any debris and remove small spots from the surface.  If there is a particularly bad stain we may need to use a cleaning solution to remove it to the client's satisfaction.  Often we can use mild degreasers for stained concrete when pressure doesn't work and our high quality surface scrubbers do an excellent job at breaking up most spots from discolored concrete.

Q:  What counties does your company serve?
A:  We offer cleaning services in several cities throughout Johnson, Leavenworth, Jackson, Wyandotte, and Clay counties in the KC Metro Area.

Q:  Is my city included in your service area?
A:  The following list of cities are serviced by JT's.  If your city isn't on the list, please feel free to call and ask.  We do make exceptions to our service area for large jobs with adequate notice and additional travel expenses covered.
  • Kansas City, Kansas
  • Kansas City, Missouri
  • Shawnee, Kansas
  • Overland Park, Kansas
  • Roeland Park, Kansas
  • Mission, Kansas
  • Tonganoxie, Kansas
  • Shawnee Mission, Kansas
  • Lenexa, Kansas
  • Bonner Springs, Kansas
  • Leavenworth, Kansas
  • North Kansas City, Missouri
  • Lansing, Kansas
  • Blue Springs, Missouri
  • Independence, Missouri
  • Grandview, Missouri
  • Lees Summit, Missouri

Again, this list of cities is not exclusive and the best way to find out if we can help you is to give us a quick call at (913) 721-3515

Q:  Does your company have workman's compensation and liability insurances?
A:  Yes we do, proof is available upon request.

Q:  Do you offer residential as well as industrial and commercial pressure washing services?
A:  Yes, we offer power washing services for both residential and commercial customers with solutions tailored to the unique needs of each type of client and property.

Q:  Do you offer free estimates and transparent pricing?
A:  Yes, we have free estimates available on all job types and we do our best to keep our pricing up front and affordable.  Some situations like travel outside our normal service area may incur fees to cover our extra costs, but we will let you know up front about these when we are able to assess the job in person so you can plan and budget the project accordingly.  

Q:  How long has your company been in business?
A:  Our family owned company started in 1987 and we've been going strong cleaning up Kansas City ever since!
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