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Graffiti Removal Services | Kansas City


Graffiti Removal Services
Is your business or municipality looking for ways to remove unsightly graffiti?  

Have you grown frustrated with traditional methods that require hours of scrubbing and harsh chemicals only to still see the paint showing through?

You've come to the right place then!

Our unique cleanup services allow us to assess your cleanup needs and offer multiple solutions for the different cleanup needs of your business.

While many companies can offer to pressure wash graffiti from walls, this often comes with harsh chemicals and even risks damage to your structures from the pressures required to remove the graffiti.

JT's Carpet Cleaning can also pressure wash for small businesses with limited budgets where structural damage would be a minor concern, but we have another option for situations where pressure washing isn't practical.  

We can also use dry ice blast cleaning to cleanup larger areas or for more delicate surfaces or ones that just cannot tolerate large amounts of water.

We've outlined some of the Pros and Cons of pressure washing and dry ice blast cleaning below.

We offer free estimates and our expert technicians will be happy to assist you with assessing the needs of your cleanup and aligning which service best fits your cleanup needs within the budget and timeline of your project.                                                          


Dry Ice Blast Cleaning


Less Damaging                     
No Secondary Cleanup            
Only Uses Dry Ice to Clean      
Can Remove Stubborn Paint     


More Expensive
Longer Setup Time
More Equipment Required
Usually Leaves Surfaces Looking New
Pressure Washing

  • Lower Cost                          
  • Faster Turnaround                                              
  • Easily Available Products   

  • More Damaging
  • Secondary Cleanup (Dirty Water)
  • Often requires harsh chemicals to work

Which Graffiti Cleanup Service Should I Use?

As you can see above, there are different advantages and disadvantages of each service.  

While pressure washing could reasonably be performed by an average person with common sense, consumer pressure washers often lack the required power to do this job adequately.  

A professional pressure washing service like the one provided by JT's Carpet Cleaning includes in depth knowledge, more powerful equipment, and cleaning solutions of commercial strength that can power away heavily soiled surfaces.  

Our company also has the ability to extract dirty wash water, so even indoor cleanups can be performed with a significant reduction in secondary cleanup compared to other pressure washing companies.

For those consumers needing a stronger or dryer solution, JT's Carpet Cleaning offers dry ice blast cleaning services that leverage the power of dry ice to scrub away stains without damaging surfaces.

Even the most delicate of surfaces can be cleaned with dry ice with minimal damage.

Given the right blast media and low pressures, dry ice can effectively erase the ink from a business card and leave the surface largely intact.  

Our use of the Cold Jet Dry Ice Blast Cleaning system allows us to clean surfaces in much the same way.

JT's Carpet Cleaning is committed to helping your business put it's best image forward.  

Call or request a free quote today and learn how we can help with your cleanup project today!
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