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3 Room Carpet Cleaning $120

Summer Special 3 Rooms or equivalent carpet cleaning $120.  

Call now for details or check out our Promotions, FaceBook, and YouTube pages for other great summer savings!

Click one of our cleaning services below to learn more.
Professional steam carpet cleaning in Kansas City
Carpet Cleaning
Of course we're experts in cleaning carpets!  

Over 30 years in business means we really know how to handle every type of carpet to clean and care for it properly!  

We've also expanded our service menu in those years to offer a variety of other household services our customers request.

Whether we're cleaning your driveway, your ducts, or our carpets you can count on the quality work JT's customers have loved for decades!  
Air Duct Cleaning
Air Duct Cleaning
Have you been sneezing more than normal lately?  

Have you noticed unpleasant odors every time your a/c or furnace kicks on?  

You could have dust, debris, mold, and/or allergens lurking in your home's hvac system.  

Our expert technicians harness the power of steam and powerful reverse airflow systems to remove those items from your ducts and leave them cleaned, disinfected, and deodorized increasing your home's air quality.
Pressure Washing Deck
Pressure Washing
Tired of looking at rust or oil stains in your driveway?

Is your garage floor looking a little under the weather but you aren't sure how to get it cleaned up?

Have you pulled out your hair trying to get the basement floor clean but dread the messy water cleanup?

Call the pros at JT's!  Our talented team can perform a variety of flatwork, deck, patio, fence, driveway, basement, and garage pressure washing services.  
Flooded Home Cleanup: Water Damage Restoration
Water Damage Restoration
Rug rot, mold, and mildew set in fast.  

Be faster by calling JT's Carpet Cleaning!  

Our experts can get there quickly, even in the middle of the night and get started right away cleaning up your flooded home or business.  

We're licensed and insured and ready to help!

Free delivery and pickup with all drying equipment rentals!  
Featured Service of the Month

Residential Carpet Cleaning
Is your home's dirty stained carpet showing evidence of your children's memories?  

Has that loveable puppy turned into a shedding disaster leaving a trail on your furniture and carpets?  

Was the last holiday party just a little too much and red wine now decorates your living or dining room carpet?  

You've come to the right place then!  JT's Carpet Cleaning offers quality carpet cleaning with an affordable and transparent pricing structure.  

We specialize in saving homeowners money replacing badly soiled carpets.

Call or click today to learn more about our process and how we can help get your home's carpets soft, clean, and revitalized today!
Gutter Cleaning Service in Kansas City
Gutter Cleaning
Let JT's Carpet Cleaning clean up those gutters and save you from that dangerous trip up the ladder.  Our unique cleaning process allows us to remove dirt and debris from most gutters up to 3 stories high without anyone ever needing to touch a ladder.  We even have a licensed drone pilot on staff and in most areas we can show you visually how clogged or clean your gutters are without you having to make the trip up yourself!    
Window Washing in Kansas City
Window Washing
JT's is proud to now offer our Kansas City customers window washing services.  We offer both residential and commercial window cleaning services.  Our innovative process means less wasted time, safer cleaning, and the dependability our customers have counted on from us for the last 33 years.  To learn more about this service request a quote, call, or visit our window washing page today!
Dryer Vent Cleaning in Kansas City
Dryer Vent Cleaning
JT's Carpet Cleaning cares about our customers and the peace of mind in your home.  That's why we offer free dryer vent cleaning services with any whole home air duct cleaning job.  This decreases the risk of dryer fires and also gives you the convenience of knowing your dryer vent is free of dangerous lint buildup that could start a fire.  If you are concerned about your home's dryer vent safety check out our tips and tricks page or our social media channels for useful information and resources.    
Tile Cleaning in Kansas City
Tile Cleaning
Limescale buildup on your tiles?
Tired of sliding around a slippery kitchen?
Just tired of looking at dirty grout in your bathroom?
You've come to the right place because JT's Carpet Cleaning
can power away all these things to leave your tile looking
new again.  Check out our blog, image gallery, and videos to learn
more and see real past tile cleaning projects!
Drying Equipment Rental

Tried to clean your carpets yourself and they just won't dry fast enough?

Need to clean up small home floods but don't know where to start?

Call today and ask about our drying equipment rental service.  

We offer free delivery and pick up of drying equipment and we'll offer advice on the best ways to tackle your small flood.

Our technicians will assess the situation when they arrive to deliver the drying equipment and let you know expected outcomes and cleanup options should you decide it's too much to do it yourself.

About JT's Carpet Cleaning
Hi, I'm Jeff Ring, one of the owners of JT's Carpet Cleaning.

My wife and I founded our company over 30 years ago with a committment to quality and value for our customers.  

We started this business with a mission to always leave our customers happy and their carpets as close to new as they could possibly get.
Over the decades we've updated equipment, added to our team, expanded our services, and even made it easier than ever to reach us in the digital age.
Our values remain the same though and we're committed to helping Kansas City residents maintain the cleanliness of their homes.

JT's Carpet Cleaning is licensed and insured and our pricing structure is transparent and we offer free estimates so you will always know what to expect on your bill.
Even better, we guarantee our work!  

We've been cleaning up Kansas City since 1987 with pride and look forward to showing you the value of our work in increasing your home's value to you!  
Jeff Ring, owner of JT's Carpet Cleaning
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