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3-Room Carpet Cleaning $120! Book yours today!

3 Rooms Carpet Cleaned $120! Book yours today!
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JT's Carpet Cleaning started in Kansas City, Kansas in 1987.  

We've been proud to call this community our home as we've grown over the years.  

While equipment, technology, and industry standards have changed over time our company remains committed to old fashioned customer service.  

Our technicians are given time to dedicate the best possible clean we can offer our customers.  

We even offer free delivery and pickup for our drying equipment rental service for our customers in Kansas City.  

With over 30 years of service to our home community, we've worked with a wide variety of customers in the Kansas City area.  

We offer make-ready cleanings, stain removal, dryer vent cleaning,
air duct cleaning, and power washing services to name a few.  

The above picture is a cleanup job we performed to remove unpleasant stains from a customer's home.  

While a home or rental machine may be able to remove the surface stain, when it comes to pet stains like these it
is best to let us use our powerful equipment to get the stain out for good.  

We were able to extract the visible parts from the stain and treat it to remove odors and dry the carpet before it had a chance to grow mold spores.  

This is a pitfall of rental machines, they often leave your carpet soaked and odors and microbes begin to grow in the moist environment.  

Our powerful steam cleaning helps kill off the microbes, sanitize the carpet, and the powerful suction motors remove most of the moisture from the carpets.  

This allows the carpets to dry faster so you can get back to enjoying your home sooner.  

We also offer a premium diamond carpet cleaning package for those that just can't wait for the carpet to dry.  

This option will have you and your family back to enjoying your living room quicker without wet socks.  

This is also a perfect option for when you have that dinner party this evening and need the room dry before the guests arrive!  

JT's Carpet Cleaning
2825 N 110th Ter Kansas City, KS 66109
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