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3-Room Carpet Cleaning $120! Book yours today!

3 Rooms Carpet Cleaned $120! Book yours today!
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JT's Carpet Cleaning in the Kansas City Metro

Our carpet cleaning service has been proudly serving the KC area for over 30 years.  As we have grown we've also expanded our coverage areas and now service many locations for our customers' convenience.  We have also expanded our services beyond the typical carpet cleaning or air duct cleaning services to include post-construction packages, commercial cleaning packages, hard water removal, and cubicle cleaning to name a few.  We remain dedicated to our loyal customers with a commitment to quality and friendly service we've had since the beginning.  Power washing a commercial building in Shawnee, carpet cleaning in Kansas City, or cleaning office cubicles in Overland Park, we have you covered in all your cleaning needs.  Give us a call today and see how one of our signature deep cleaning packages can help you rest easy with peace of mind.  Don't forget regular cleanings are recommended by your carpet manufacturer and lack of doing so may affect the warranty.  Letting dirt and grime build up in your carpet can lead to faster wear and tear in addition to harboring allergens, particularly pet dander.  Our technicians have the experience and education to clean your home and carpets with industry best practices with the recommended solutions and methods by the companies making the carpets.  You can trust it will be done right when we do the job, we commit to your satisfaction.  We can also remove rust stains from driveways with our new power washing service as we've proved to one of our Johnson County customers.  We use a power washer with an available 4,000 PSI and some of the best cleaning solutions and equipment on the market, we can knock that grime down in no time and get rid of the most hideous driveway stains.  Have dirty air ducts in Leavenworth?  No problem, we have that covered too.  Our air duct cleaning service will get rid of all that debris the builders left behind in your ducts hoping you never saw it and remove all the accumulated dust in the process.  Call us for a free air duct inspection today.  You have nothing to lose but some allergens and we show you the ducts before and after and cleanings you book so you will know the job is done right.  Don't fall for one of those bargain duct cleaners, they often don't even finish the job.  Just check out our video page for more on how we were able to help one frustrated homeowner after his ducts had allegedly been cleaned.  Quality service, quality work, quality price.  We're more than a carpet cleaning company, we're your cleaning solution!

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Westwood Hills
Johnson County
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JT's Carpet Cleaning
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