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3-Room Carpet Cleaning $120! Book yours today!

3 Rooms Carpet Cleaned $120! Book yours today!
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Power Washing Services in Kansas City

Cleaning up Kansas City since 1987!

Powerwashing-Flat Work

Grease and Heavy Foot Traffic

Commercial buildings have a lot of heavy foot-traffic from the parking lot to the building entryways and sidewalks.  

Add in buildings with drive throughs or exapnsive parking lots and oil and grease stains can also become a concern.  

Customers with leaky cars and dumped drinks can quickly lead to an unsightly mess on your pavement.  

We use high heat and high pressure with a surface cleaning accessory to remove all that grease and grime evenly.

Gum Soda and Candy

Many commercial places end up littered with wrappers, gum, spilled soda, and candy stains.  

We use a wide variety of cleaning solutions available for tackling each type of mess if water alone cannot handle the stain.  

We then tackle each issue with a concentrated super heated high pressure water stream to break up the stain and rinse away the grime.  

Usually this is our first step, finishing off with the surface cleaner seen above for a nice even finish.

Rust Stains

If you're dealing with rust stains in your parking lot, loading docks or walkways, we have the solution.  

Literally, a rust removing solution finished off with a high pressure wash can make concrete look almost new again.  

Don't let that dumpsterand its ugly rust stain keep you in the dumps, give us a call today and let us get that cleared right up and let the stress of that eyesore melt away.

Aging, Discoloration, Dirt , Mold and Soot

Over time, concrete can get covered with microorganisms like mold or mildew, tree sap, mineral deposits, soot, etc.  

We use our high pressure washing tools and skills to remove everything from the concrete surface leaving a clean, all most new look.  

We can even remove the dirty wash water as in the case of indoor projects.  

One of our most recent projects was in a large indoor building where the huge buildings concrete floor had been trashed from a big event.  

We not only were able to scrub down all the grime away and rinse it away, we captured the dirty wash water to eliminate the dirty water from causing new stains.  

This is also helpful when cleaning up a basement where water left behind risks causing damage to the structure or belongings.  

We simply extract the water as we clean to leave the floor mostly dry and reduce the chance of mold or mildew growth.

Power Washing-Vertical Surfaces

Power Washing Brick Wall in Kansas City
One of the most common cleaning jobs we do in the Kansas City Metro is exterior building and wall cleaning.

The most common reasons are to remove aging stains from water, rust, soot, mold and dirt.  Also graffiti, oil and industrial compounds, even urine.  We've seen it all and have had great success removing these unwanted substances from our customers vertical surfaces.
Vertical structures often require specialized equipment.  We have everything needed to reach and clean most vertical surfaces.
  • Telescoping Wands
  • Angled Extended Wands
  • Varying Degree Pressure Tips
  • Rotary, Zero Degree Tips
  • A Cherry-Picker Lift
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