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3-Room Carpet Cleaning $120! Book yours today!

3 Rooms Carpet Cleaned $120! Book yours today!
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Check out our Diamond Carpet Cleaning package.  This premium service includes pre-spotting, agitation, spot removal, steaming, an extra rinse to remove chemical residue, and carpet drying and grooming so your carpets are nearly dry by the time we leave.  Perfect for those with expensive carpets that want only the best care the industry has to offer.  
before and after commercial carpet cleaning
carpet cleaning of stairs
JT's Carpet Cleaning uses only soft water for our cleaning process to leave your carpets free of the mineral residue home carpet cleaners and competitors leave behind.  You will not only see the difference but also feel the difference in your carpets when we're done refreshing them.  An added benefit of our process is our cleaning won't leave mineral stains or detergent residue behind on your furniture either.  When we clean it the fabrics will look fresh and revitalized!
Air Duct Cleaning Before and After

Air Duct Cleaning

Free video inspection of your air duct and vent system.
Limited time only, book an Air Duct and Vent Cleaning and we will clean out your dryer vent as well ($99 value) for free.  Don't delay, book today!
Air Duct and Vent Cleaning Includes:
Taking off vent covers, steam cleaning them, cleaning out every vent and return with high powered truck mount reverse air flow, then putting all vent covers back on.  Includes free inspection camera view of before and after so you can see the value our services provide your home's air quality!
    $300 minimum
    Ranges up to $500 for large four or five thousand square feet home.
    Estimates for larger jobs available.
Pictured:  De-humidifier (left) and carpet dryer (right)

Flood Water Extraction

We also offer emergency flood water extraction.  Our flood restoration service features two packages.  Our advanced package includes having us extract the water, remove any flood damaged materials, and drying out the affected area with de-humidifiers and carpet dryers.  The basic package offers drying equipment rental only.  De-humidifiers rent at $100.00 per day, while carpet dryers rent at $25.00 per day.  These de-humidifers and carpet dryers are commercial grade and meant to handle even the toughest jobs.  Regardless of the package you choose, we offer free delivery and pick-up so you can have one less crisis on your hands in the middle of your flooded basement emergency.  Give us a call today and let us help you save your home's furnishings before the water causes permanent damage.  Complications like rug-rot can set in quickly, so time is of the essence when handling a flooded home or basement!  

Pictured:  Commercial de-humidifier (left) commercial carpet dryer (right)
Cubicle cleaning in process

Office Cubicle Cleaning

JT's Carpet Cleaning also offers office cubicle cleaning!  Did someone spill coffee too many times on that cubicle wall?  
Let us work on it.  We can often get those pesky stains out and let your business regain its spotless professional image!  Pricing available on a per-bid basis.

Window Washing

JT's now offers window washing to complement our other home services.  Pricing available on a per-bid basis.
car interior detailing before and after

Car Interior Detailing

We also offer car interior detailing.  Need your car upholstery cleaned?  We can help with that too!  Send us a picture and brief summary of your needs and we will email back an estimate to detail your car's interior! We've offered carpet cleaning in Kansas City homes for over 30 years.  Now let us show you our expertise revitalizing your car with a custom detail job!  Pricing available on a per bid basis.  
Tile and Grout before cleaning
Tile and grout after cleaning

Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning

Includes pre-spotting, scrubbing tile and grout, and steam cleaning.  
Hard water deposit (limescale) removal available
Pricing available on a per-bid basis.
Brick Wall Power Washing Before & After

Power Washing

Pricing available on a per-bid basis.
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