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Residential Carpet Cleaning in Independence, Missouri

Independence, Missouri
Residential Carpet Cleaning
Why JT's Carpet Cleaning  for your Independence Home's Carpet Care?
Carpet Cleaning Experience, Education &Equipment
Our expert carpet cleaning technicians have decades of experience cleaning many different flooring and carpet types.  They can tell the difference between what caused many stains and choose the appropriate stain remover to remove it without risking permanent damage to your carpet or making the stain worse.  Many Independence homeowners make the mistake of trying to clean their carpets with home remedies only to discover they've bleached the fibers in the area of the stain and they no longer match the carpet surrounding the stain no matter how hard they try to clean it.  Using a professional carpet cleaning service like JT's Carpet cleaning helps to prevent issues like this because our carpet experts have specifc stain removers for each stain and carpet type along with the education of when to use hot water, when to use cold, how to extract the stain, and when something like a red dye transfer remover is necessary.  We can also typically clean 3-5 rooms in the average home in about an hour with our powerful equipment.  
Carpet Cleaning Satisfaction Guarantee
We guarantee our cleaning work.  Our company is fully licensed and insured and our carpet cleaning technicians are trained properly on the safe and effective use of all chemicals and cleaning equipment we use.  We're so sure you'll love our work, we guarantee it.  Try that with the bargain carpet cleaners often advertised.  Our employees are encouraged to put quality of service over quantity so that your home's carpets get the true cleaning you expect.
Free Estimates
Our pricing is transparent and we offer free estimates upon request.  We can usually offer a price range for the requested services and a more accurate price upon seeing pictures or the actual area to be cleaned.  These estimates allow you to plan for the expense involved in carpet cleaning.  By the way, we're often cheaper than what it would cost you if you were to rent a deep cleaner from your local store, buy the appropriate chemicals, and then pay yourself $10 per hour for the several hours you will spend cleaning your home.  While you could certainly do it yourself, the most cost effective way is often to call us as our equipment is much more efficient.  We are also able to rinse out any soap residue from the carpets with our process while nearly all home and rented cleaning machines will leave some amount of residue behind leading to that "crunchy" feeling when it dries.  

What Other Services Does JT's Offer?
While our primary business is with carpet cleaning, we do offer several other services listed below so we can be your one stop home cleanup shop!
We also specialize in unique cleanup jobs that other companies don't take on because they don't fit a "cookie cutter" kind of service.  We do these tasks on a case by case basis but find we're often better equipped to handle unique cleanup jobs because we have equipment the average homeowner or business doesn't have.  If you have a unique cleanup job that doesn't fit into the services listed, feel free to ask about it.  Often we're able to accommodate our customers.

Automatic Reminders/Extend Your Carpet's Life & Warranties
Are you the forgetful type and often find yourself thinking "I should remember to get that rug or room cleaned more often?"  Just let us know how often you'd like to have your Independence home's carpet cleaned and we'll remind you when it's time to clean again.  If you've just bought a new house or new carpeting this can save your carpet's warranty as most warranties require periodic professional cleaning.  Not only that, but a dirty carpet will wear faster requiring more frequent replacements.  By letting us help you keep those new carpets clean you'll extend their useful life and often the warranties they come with.  
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