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Residential Carpet Cleaning in Wyandotte County, Kansas

Wyandotte County, Kansas Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Why choose JT's Carpet Cleaning?
Carpet Cleaning Experience
Our carpet cleaning technicians have decades of experience to choose the best solution for your home's carpets to get them looking their best.  The difference between a rust stain and a varnish stain for example, can make all the difference in the results your carpet sees.  Varnish stains are often impossible to remove from carpets, while the correct cleaning solution will quickly dissolve rust stains and leave your carpet looking like new in no time!  Our trained technicians know how to pick the right custom solution for your home's cleaning needs to get the best results using the most powerful equipment in the industry.
Carpet Cleaning Customer Satisfaction
It's no secret that Wyandotte County loves our carpet cleaning services.  Over 30 years of business in the area has produced a lot of happy customers that are eager to share their experiences with you on Google, FaceBook, even a few video testimonials on our different web platforms.  We take pride in a job well done and we're passionate about cleaning so we offer a customer satisfaction guarantee on our work.
Locally Owned & Operated
Our family grew up in the Wyandotte County area and when you book our services you're keeping your money local to the community you live in.  Larger companies focus on profit and the money often leaves the community.  When you book our services you're not only supporting our local business, but all the local businesses we use for supplies, equipment, and services to provide carpet and other cleaning services to you.
Can I Clean My Carpets Myself?
Yes, while it is possible to clean home carpets yourself the results may be less than impressive in many cases, or even just temporary.  Some things to consider when choosing between booking our services and doing it yourself are listed below.

  • Time-It often takes hours upon hours to clean just a single room with most home or rental carpet cleaning machines because they hold a small water volume.  Endless trips back and forth to the sink and drain can be tiring, back straining, and frustrating.  Our technicians can often clean the carpets in an average size home in less than an hour with much better results thanks to high powered equipment, a soft water rinse system, and a better selection of cleaning solutions.  
  • Money-Renting equipment is often $30-$50, many places charge an additional fee for the upholstery tools, and some even require a deposit.  Then if the machine breaks while you're using it, the rental agreement often states you're responsible for paying to fix it.  When you book our services, you're paying not only for the equipment but for someone else to spend time doing the service so you can focus more on leisure time, family, backyard projects, or planning events.  Plus if the equipment breaks down we can have another team out to finish the job and the maintenance is our problem to handle.  Not only will your carpets get finished and not left half done, but you walk away headache free!
  • Carpet Warranty-Many carpet companies offer warranties with the carpet that require periodic professional cleaning to maintain.  Even a carpet that looks clean to the naked eye can be loaded with tiny particles of dirt and debris that will over time wear the carpet out quicker as they rub against the carpet fibers.  Regular professional carpet cleaning from a company like JT's Carpet Cleaning can extend carpet life and warranties.
  • Stain Removal & Prevention-We offer a variety of stain removal services and are equipped with specific solutions for very difficult, unusual, or large stains.  Homeowners often try home remedies to remove stains from carpets but this can actually cause permanent damage to the carpet fibers that makes it impossible to remove the stain in the future.  Home remedies often bleach the color from the carpet near the stain and make it more noticeable rather than removing it.  When our technicians select a cleaning solution they seek to avoid this issue by using the correct products for the stain.  
  • Set it & Forget It-When cleaning your own home's carpets you have to remember when you planned on cleaning them, plan to rent the equipment or buy or pull it from storage and then spend time setting it up.  When you book us we offer a free reminder service at intervals you request and we will remind you when it's time to clean your home's carpets again and set up a time with you to get them done.
  • Extra services-If we're cleaning your carpets and you discover your upholstery needs cleaned as well, we can easily add our upholstery cleaning service on and quickly clean it up too.  The typical home or rented carpet cleaning system can take hours to do this while our powerful equipment can clean a couch in minutes.  We can also control the moisture used and even offer low moisture services like vapor steam cleaning for those super delicate fabrics that cannot handle moisture.
What Other Services Does JT's Offer?
While our primary business is with carpet cleaning, we do offer several other services listed below so we can be your one stop home cleanup shop!
We also specialize in unique cleanup jobs that other companies don't take on because they don't fit a "cookie cutter" kind of service.  We do these tasks on a case by case basis but find we're often better equipped to handle unique cleanup jobs because we have equipment the average homeowner or business doesn't have.  If you have a unique cleanup job that doesn't fit into the services listed, feel free to ask about it.  Often we're able to accommodate our customers.

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