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Residential Carpet Cleaning | Kansas City


3 Room Carpet Cleaning

3 Room Carpet Cleaning + Stain Guarding $200
Don't let those stains set in!  

Stain guarding can buy you time to remove stains that otherwise soak into your carpet's fibers and become permanent!

 JT's premium stain guarding service is an awesome way to prevent those "oops" moments around kids, pets, and clumsy guests!

Questions?  Call us for details!  Offer may not be combined with other offers.  

Some exclusions may apply.
Residential Carpet Cleaning

Is your home's dirty stained carpet showing evidence of your children's memories?  

Has that loveable puppy turned into a shedding disaster leaving a trail on your furniture and carpets?  

Was the last holiday party just a little too much and red wine now decorates your living or dining room carpet?  

You've come to the right place then!  JT's Carpet Cleaning offers quality carpet cleaning with an affordable and transparent pricing structure.  

We specialize in saving homeowners money replacing badly soiled carpets.

Call or click today to learn more about our process and how we can help get your home's carpets soft, clean, and revitalized today!

Don't forget to ask about our stain guarding application that can help protect your carpet from spills sinking in before they can be removed!

To learn more about our services and cleaning process check out our videos and image gallery or stop by our FaceBook page to learn about exclusive monthly deals!  Stay tuned to our blog, YouTube, and FaceBook pages for upcoming tips and tricks for home improvement and cleaning projects.

Stairs Carpet Cleaning Before & After
Before:  JT's Carpet Cleaning cleans up a soiled bedroom carpet
After:  JT's Carpet Cleaning cleaned up this bedroom carpet
Before & After:  JT's Carpet Cleaning cleans up this dirty bedroom carpet
After carpet cleaning stairs in Shawnee, Kansas
Carpet Cleaning stairs in Shawnee, Kansas
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