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Residential Tile Cleaning | Kansas City


Tile Cleaning
JT's Carpet Cleaning not only does carpets, but we can also scrub down all those tile surfaces in your home as well.  

From specialty stone floors, to showers marred by heavy limescale buildup we have the knowledge and equipment to transform your soiled tile back to its former beauty.  

Years of heavy foot traffic, pets, even kitchen messes can build up and leave behind messy reminders of the memories made.  

Our service can even power away heavy grease and grime from decades of use.  

Commercial kitchens have long known the power of steam cleaning floors to remove greasy buildup and keep them looking their best for inspection days.  

Now you can have that same great cleaning power applied to your own home's kitchen, bathroom, and tile floors.  

JT's guarantees the quality of our work so you have nothing to lose but the mess, get your free estimate today or check out our social media, blog, and videos to learn more about our process.  

Don't forget to check out our tips and tricks page for helpful hints on cleaning up small messes at home between professional cleaning visits!
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