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Spot Cleaning

Spot & Spill Cleaning

Pet Messes

As pet owners ourselves, we know a thing or two about pet messes.  While some of those messes can be predicted, sometimes pet owners aren't prepared to deal with what our pets bring in the home.  Prize catches of our cats, mud baths from our dogs, and even the occasional farm animal that may find it's way inside the home can create some nasty messes in your home's carpet.  Luckily, we have  wide variety of cleaning solutions to help take care of those messes and remove them.  In many cases we can remove the spill and make it nothing more than a memory.

Kid Cleanup

Let's face it, it's a fact of life that our homes are to be lived in.  Part of that means juice spills, muddy foot prints, and often unidentifiable stains left behind by our kids throughout the course of a day playing hard.  Home science kits can turn into even bigger disasters when something like high fructose corn syrup, food dye, or even sand end up spilled in the carpet.  These spills can be challenging for some professionals, and have driven many homeowners nearly crazy trying to remove the last of the stain.  We enjoy a good challenge though, and with our powerful equipment and cleaning solutions, we can power through stains like these easily.  We can even visibly reduce most color staining from carpet, and even remove it completely if caught in time and proper precautions are taken before, during, and after the spill.  One particularly useful service we offer here is stain guarding.  This product works as a barrier to your carpet fibers helping to stop them from absorbing materials that could change the color permanently.  While it can't prevent the spill from happening, this service gives you the best chance of removing the stain completely at a later date and is very cost effective.
Upholstery Cleanup

We would be hard pressed not to laugh if we thought the above mentioned stains only happened on floors.  Pets often love th comfort of our home furniture and will enjoy it when no one is home to catch them.  Kids often have accidents while eating or drinking on the couch watching a family favorite show.  Again, stain guarding is your best friend to lower the impact of these situations, but we can often remove most stains or spills with a standard upholstery cleaning.  Our newest addition of equipment can even leave your upholstery nearly dry as it uses a powerful steam based system and surfaces can often be cleaned with only dry steam.  When heaver scrubbing is necessary we can also use hot water extraction to help remove the soiled spots from the fabrics.  In the interest of drying time and your peace of mind, we also have the ability to use a special nozzle designed to clean the surface of the fabric rather than soaking completely through it.  This tool essentially wipes away the dirt from the surface material without penetrating deeply beyond the fabric.  This decreases dry time, lowers the risk of mold in lower layers of material, and gives us awesome control over how wet or dry the steam we use is so you get the best clean with the best dry time, at the best price. If you'd like to learn more about this service, stay tuned to our blog, FaceBook, and YouTube channels as we have upcoming videos on this service being released soon!
Vehicle Cleanup

Love how your home looks now that we've cleaned it, but lose your smile when you open the door to the messy vehicle?  No worries, we've got you covered there too!  This heavily soiled farm truck was just one interior we were able to revive from years of mud and muck stains!  Our work cleaning up this interior allowed the farmer to trace down where a leaking back window seal needed repaired.  Peeling away layers of grime and mud, we even removed the trail of mold forming from the leaking window!  We offer spill and stain cleanup in the home, for boats, RV's, and even daily driver vehicles.  If you have kids or pets, or just plain want some peace of mind, don't forget to ask about stain guarding!  A few moments of stain guard application now can save you hours and dollars for cleanup in the future!
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