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Vapor Cleaning

Couch & Furniture Cleaning
Vapor Cleaning a Couch
You've heard of hot water extraction, and you've heard of pressure washing and these are services JT's Carpet Cleaning offers.  Did you know we also offer vapor cleaning services as well?  Our vapor cleaning equipment allows us to clean up even the toughest of stains and do it with a low moisture method.  

While we can use detergent and wet steam on the tough stains of normal upholstery, we can also remove many stains with "dry" steam and suction to break up and remove those stains before they have a chance to spread.  Soiled couches and arm chairs are great candidates for this service, but we can also clean up tile, greasy car undercarrriages, and industrial equipment with a variety of steam temperatures and levels of moisture to best suit the situation.

Best of all, this method of cleaning can often be used without detergent and due to the extreme heat can disinfect the surfaces being cleaned.  Play room at the day care and not sure how to safely clean all those stuffed animals without enouraging mold inside?  Use the power of dry steam!  

Have you moved into a new house and found the tile and grout to be nearly impossible to scrub clean after decades of neglect?  
We can handle that too!  We can even remove hard water stains and limscale buildup from shower walls and floors to make them look like new again!  
Industrial Machine Cleaning
Do you have industrial equipment that's caked in mud, grease, or chemicals and don't know quite how to remove it without disassebling the whole machine?  

JT's Carpet Cleaning has the solution for you!  While dry ice blast cleaning is often used in these situations, a more affordable option is high pressure vapor cleaning.  We're proud to announce we've added this service option to our list of industrial cleaning services.  High temperatures melt away things like grease, while the high pressure blows stubborn debris away from the item being cleaned while using low amounts of moisture so you can get back to work quickly.  

Did your forklift spring a leak and now you need to clean up the mast area so maintenance teams can see any hidden problems?  Steam is a great answer here. This low moisture method won't make your shop into a huge mess, and we can even clean up and sanitize the cab area if needed.  
Vapor Cleaning for Car Restoration
Do you need to blast away the years of grease, oil, salt, and road debris from your project vehicle's frame?  Just need to get the surfaces clean and prepped for painting?  Dry ice blast cleaning and sand blasting are both great ways to clean this up, but they can get pricey and messy in a hurry.  This is where vapor cleaning comes in.  

Vapor cleaning uses high pressure, high temperature steam to blast the surface clean while using a very small amount of moisture.  This means the area dries quickly, nearby components are less likely to be damaged by water or sand debris, and you can focus on that repair or restoration work to get the project back on track.  This cleaning method is also great for cleaning interiors with minimal scrubbing or water that could damage delicate fabrics.  Best of all, the high temperature steam disinfects the surfaces as they get cleaned making it safer for you to work on those stubborn nuts and bolts.

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