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Water Damage Restoration | Kansas City

Water Damage Restoration

Struggling with a flooded basement or soaked carpets from heavy rainfall?
We can help!

Our talented team can not only assess the damage and get all that water dried up, we can help mitigate the long term damage too.
Emergency Water Extraction
When you call our team, we use powerful equipment to remove the excess water and place sensors to monitor the moisture that creeps into your home.  

Then we place air scrubbers, commercial grade dehumidifiers, and high velocity carpet blowers to ensure your home is drying out.  

Lastly, we can come in afterward and clean and protect your carpets and furniture with the same great carpet and upholstery cleaning services you've come to know and love from our company!  

We know not every job warrants a full scale operation, so we offer flexible options for the homeowner on a budget.  

From no insurance claim cleanups, to daily rental of drying equipment we have a solution for your home!
Drying Equipment Rental (Daily Rates)
Carpet Blowers


These high capacity machines push out large volumes of air over your homes carpets and furnishings to quickly dry up excess moisture and humidity left behind.  

While these are great for small spills and drying freshly cleaned carpets, best results for water damaged areas requires use of these machines in conjunction with humidity sensors and commercial dehumidifiers, also available for daily rental.  

Of course, if you find your job is too big to take on yourself, our technicians are happy to take over for a "no fuss" cleanup experience.  

This is one of the reasons we offer free delivery and pickup of rental equipment.  

Here at JT's, we know it can be easy to underestimate the work involved in a cleanup job.  

Our company wants to make sure you can be happy with the results you achieve whether you've just rented our equipment, or passed the hard work on to our skilled technicians.
Commercial Dehumidifiers


Of course our company offers daily rental of commercial dehumidifiers!    

Don't forget we offer free delivery and pickup of drying equipment and as the dehumidifiers can get be heavy this can really save your back.  

As always, we're happy to take over if you feel the cleanup is more than you can muster yourself after a closer look at the damage.
Water Damage Restoration & What to Expect
When our team gets the call we will typically ask a few questions to find out how much eqiupment your home will need for a proper dry out.

Once at the site, our technicians will assess the damage or drop off the equipment you've rented and explain how to use the equipment for the best results.  

While every situation is unique, we'll work to bring you a solution that gets your home dried up quickly so you can get on with the important things in your life!

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