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3-Room Carpet Cleaning $120! Book yours today!

3 Rooms Carpet Cleaned $120! Book yours today!
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Flood Water Extraction

We also offer emergency flood water extraction.

Our flood restoration service features two packages.  

Our advanced package includes having us extract the water, remove any flood damaged materials, and drying out the affected area with de-humidifiers and carpet dryers.  

The basic package offers drying equipment rental only.  

De-humidifiers rent at $100.00 per day, while carpet dryers rent at $25.00 per day.  

These de-humidifers and carpet dryers are commercial grade and meant to handle even the toughest jobs.  

Regardless of the package you choose, we offer free delivery and pick-up so you can have one less crisis on your hands in the middle of your flooded basement emergency.  

Give us a call today and let us help you save your home's furnishings before the water causes permanent damage.  Need a faster response or can't get through?  

We're still here for you!  Send us a quick text and let us know how we can help!


Complications like rug-rot can set in quickly, so time is of the essence when handling a flooded home or basement!  

Pictured:  Commercial de-humidifier (left) commercial carpet dryer (right)
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